Passport Photographs

Biometric Passports, Visas, Driving licences, Gun Licences, Bus passes, Student ID 

We take passport photographs to the national specification on a grey background, we ensure that you are looking at the camera with no teeth showing and no hair covering your eyes.  We take 3 photographs and choose the best one, this is cropped to ensure your head is the correct size with no hair covering your eyes and your mouth is closed showing no teeth before printing out 4 copies.

These can be uploaded to the HM Passport Office, checked to ensure they meet the required specification.  You are presented with a 6"x 4" sheet with 4 photographs and the code required for the  online digital passport.

Children and babies are photographed either lying down or supported by the parent.

Any National specification can be photographed.

Ready while you wait

Biometric UK Passport:  £15

UK Passport / I.D:  £10

International Passports: £15

Additional sets of 4:   £5

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