How we work

Castle Photography and Framing specialize in handmade picture framing to your exact requirements.  Using the highest quality of materials we ensure that the finished product with be visually appealing and enhance your photograph, artwork or object.

All work is carried out by Edward Perkins in our workshop onsite in Haverfordwest, you can be ensured that no work is sent off site so is secure from loss or damage.

Frame Moldings

Frame moldings are stocked from the following suppliers:  Lion, Arquadia, GF Smith, Wessex, Frinton.  Each Frame is cut using a Morso Guillotine and then each corner is glued and an underpin is inserted.   

Mount Board

The Mount board we use is all Daler Rowney. White core mount board is generally used for standard work however if a higher quality board is required then a conservation grade is used.  If the Highest quality mount board is required then the Museum standard is used, this is cotton rag board which is used by the top museums to preserve and protect the art for generations to come.  All Mount board is cut by hand to ensure the greatest of accuracy using an Excaliber 5000 and a Keencut Ultimate Gold.


All Artwork and photography is secured in the frame using the appropriate method depending on the quality and value of the picture.  Standard pictures are mounted on adhesive board ensuring that the image will not creep or distort over time.  If the artwork or Photograph is of value then the method of mounting of via T-Hinghes where only the top 5mm of the artwork is secured to the backing board with conservation grade tape ensuring if it needs to be removed in the future it is possible with no damage to the artwork.  If the Item requires mounting to a Museum standard then Cotton rag tape is used which is a water based adhesive which will hold the artwork securely and is removed by wetting the tape, this is the strongest and most secure method of mounting.


All Frames are finished ready for hanging,  the glass cut 1/8" smaller than the frame to allow for expansion and the edges are chamfered and cleaned, the back is taped down and D-rings and wire are attached.  To ensure air movement around the back of the frame once it is hanging small rubber pads are placed on the bottom corners.  Every frame is labeled with a signed and dated sticker stating it has been finished to the highest standard by Edward Perkins at Castle Photography and Framing.


Canvas wrapped prints are printed using our calibrated system on the Highest quality of canvas paper.  All work is printed on an Epson 7800 printer which is profiled to the ICC Standard.  The printed Canvas is laminated using our Hotpress Vacuum Press, this ensures the color is preserved and the canvas will resist scratching and slight damage.  Each Canvas is stretched and finished using brown framing tape before hanging struts are screwed to the back enabling you to hang your wrap in the wall as soon as you get home.  

3D Object Framing

Whether you have a Rugby Shirt, Football Shirt, Christening gown, a Toy Car or fan they can all be framed in a way to visually enhance the object and a way is can be removed without damage to the item.

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